Granite paving tiles


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In modern megalopolises, people use a variety of materials for the facing of road surfaces. But there are materials which in practice, or rather under the influence of time, have proved their superiority.

For example, natural stone, or rather granite, is the best solution for the roadway, which has recently become increasingly popular in different countries. Paving slabs, which are not just durable and reliable, are considered one of the most popular products. They are also very beautiful, easy to install and have a number of other advantages over concrete and asphalt.

For those who do not know, granite is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. It does not contain aggressive components (unlike asphalt), which under the influence of external factors begin to emit toxic and harmful components.

In addition, granite paving slabs are 100% natural material that perfectly integrates into any environment. The installation of this type of coating is not difficult and does not involve special preparatory work.

Dismantling the tile is no less simple than installing it. Since the material from which it is made is very durable, the tile is able to withstand heavy loads and can be used as a road surface in places of high foot traffic and busy road traffic.

Finally, this natural stone is very beautiful and versatile in terms of color palette and texture. Unlike gray concrete and dull black asphalt, paving slabs of granite can have a reddish, bluish and even greenish hue. It all depends on what kind of stone is used for its manufacture.

Skeptics will say that the price of granite tiles is higher than concrete or asphalt. But if you consider that you do not have to repair or restore such a coating even after half a century, while concrete can go cracked, and asphalt can be ruined under the influence of the sun or water, it becomes obvious, the high cost is not a minus.

In addition, megapolises are growing and developing and very soon the replacement or repair of underground utilities may be needed. If we are talking about a coating of concrete or asphalt, they need to be completely destroyed and replaced with new ones. Whereas granite tiles can be easily dismantled and later installed as simply, and without replacing the already used materials with new ones. So, the price for it may be higher, but in practice, it is much more cost-effective.

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