Granite window sill


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Are you faced with the task of choosing the element of window construction which is not only good-looking but also multifunctional and durable? Then granite window sill is a good solution because it has many more advantages than wooden and plastic window sills.

There are some conditions to consider, though.

Firstly, a granite window sill weighs a lot. That’s why this fact has to be considered while creating a window system (create strengthened construction).

Secondly, granite costs more than wood and plastic, but it is cheaper than marble. The advantages of a granite window sill are the durability, solidness and even an opportunity to be renovated later. However, the practice proves that granite products are so solid that you are unlikely to need to renovate your granite window sill, even if the exploitation will be active and aggressive. 

There is a stereotype that beautiful things cannot be durable and cannot keep their presentable appearance for a long time. But this is not true about granite. If you install granite window sills in your house or apartment, you can be 100% certain that they will endure temperature variations, substantial load and even direct sunlight without losing their sustainability, the intensity of color or other features. Compared to a granite window sill, the plastic one will sooner or later get yellowish and a wooden window sill is very demanding and needs special care and a stable temperature regime in the whole house.

One more advantage of the granite window sill is that it is very simple to take care of. All you need to do is to remove the dust with a damp duster. However, if the granite product is of color ‘salt with pepper’, the dust is not noticeable, which is a very pleasant fact for any housewife.

Someone would say that plastic has wider color selection and wood can create different forms. In fact, granite has an extensive range of shades. Concerning form, modern ways of carving let us create not only products with sharp and straight lines but also with curvy shapes. 

Therefore, you will be able to select a window sill of necessary color (matching the interior of your dwelling) and with necessary design style. Moreover, the manufacturers offer both a wide range of series and give an opportunity to order an individual product.

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