Granite curb


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There are a variety of products used in the design of road surfaces, both in cities and in private homesteads. Previously, consumers used products made of wood, concrete, and metal. Whereas today they are replaced by elements made of granite, characterized not only by a more beautiful appearance, but also greater durability, wear-resistance, and sustainability. 

For instance, granite curbs are elements that are increasingly used for the design of sidewalks, recreation areas and pedestrian areas. A granite curb is quite often used in the creation of landscape compositions near a cottage or summer house. 

Hardness and durability are the main arguments in favor of granite.

Granite has almost no drawbacks. Some people view its high cost and heavyweight as disadvantages. But the weight can be considered a minus only in certain conditions (more often in the interior), and the high price is 100% justified, especially since granite is cheaper than marble, but at the same time its operational properties are in most cases superior. 

No wonder, that more and more often both road surfaces and their further decorations are carried out with the use of granite elements (cobblestones, tiles, curbs).

As modern technologies allow both to mine granite, and to process it without too much effort, manufacturers have opportunities to produce products from this stone of different sizes and forms. 

So granite curb can be made in a different size grid, which makes it possible to select it depending on the functional purpose. For the design of the flower bed, you can use elements of small sizes of square or rectangular shape. Whereas for the creation of protective constructions of sidewalks or road surfaces it is better to use elements of the rectangular form, with much larger sizes. 

In addition to their strength, products made of granite possess the ability to withstand the impact of negative external factors. Unlike asphalt, granite is resistant to temperatures. In addition, the material is resistant to frost, moisture, wind and direct sunlight.

The installation of granite curb also does not take much time and does not involve any special preparatory work. It is enough to prepare a trench in which the element of granite will be placed and set it at the desired level in the niche. 

It is not surprising that despite the higher cost granite curbs confidently replace concrete products or asphalt structures.

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