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It is hard to say which landscape design of the cottage or private house is the best because the fashion in this type of art is as variable as in architecture or in other interior decisions.

Though regardless of the trends, the optimal landscape design has to maintain harmony with the background and the buildings situated nearby. Only experienced professionals are familiar not only with main principles of harmonious combinations but also with the peculiar features of various materials used for facing the exteriors. Granite is considered to be one of those materials. It is popular with designers due to its beauty and nobility, malleability and simplicity in manufacturing and ability to achieve different visual effects.

Granite can be transformed into a wide variety of products, and not only will they amplify any design decision, but it also will please with their sustainability, durability, and trustability. This natural material is considered to be one of the hardest materials. That is why granite staircases, arches, benches, fountains, and pillars are so often used in landscape design.

Not only such elements will dignify your yard, but also they will serve you for many years keeping their presentability even under direct sunlight or under the rainfall and other natural phenomena. 

There is a stereotype that granite is a natural stone used only for manufacturing monuments and memorial plaques. But this is not true.

Firstly, granites are very diverse and differ greatly in their color and texture. 

Secondly, the granites of red, red-black, green, pink, bluish-black and even light blue and orange shades are used to create various elements of landscape design. That is why it is possible to choose the best variant for manufacturing granite stairways regardless of the style and color palette of your cottage.

Thirdly, the material undergoes various kinds of processing and it can be used for products with both clear-cut and straight lines and unique masterpieces which will impress by their curves and at times even bizarre shapes. 

One more substantial advantage of granite is its combinability with other materials. Therefore, one can order a stairway that is manufactured exclusively from granite (including stairs, balusters, banisters, and other elements).

However, if the stylistic conception demands more original and less monumental decisions, granite stairs can be combined with stainless steel, glass, and other stones. 

Due to the formerly mentioned qualities of the material, granite is widely used in landscape design, enabling to create exclusive decisions in diverse styles and concepts. Herewith, it becomes a harmonious element of any exterior because harmony is the main goal of the balanced landscape design.

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