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Natural stone has always been considered one of the best building materials, as it is characterized by durability, reliability and impressive monumentality. Perhaps, that is why granite has always been actively used to create real architectural masterpieces. 

In modern construction, this material is also used, but recently it is increasingly used as a material for the manufacture of beautiful, stylish decorative elements of the interior. 

Regardless of the sphere the stone will be used in, first of all, it is necessary to mine granite slabs, which become “clay” in the hands of experienced masons and turn into a variety of products.

The uniqueness of the material lies in its versatility (both color and texture), which allows us to create products that fit into the various interior and exterior solutions, regardless of the style chosen. Moreover, there are many ways of processing slabs of granite and each of them allows us to achieve a particular result. 

What products can be created from granite slabs

Modern equipment has so facilitated the work of masons that from such durable raw materials as granite today they can carve any product, characterized by unusual shapes and complex geometry. 

Depending on the style of the interior, you can choose granite decorative elements in the form of vases, statues, and you can buy (or order individually) furniture, fireplaces, and even such architectural forms as arches, stairs, window sills, countertops.

The color variety of granites (gray-black, red, pinkish, blue, green and even with a blue tint) allows stone products to fit into any shade palette. And it does not matter whether the room is decorated in a classic or modern style, the product of granite with the right design will be relevant in any case. 

Monumentality and heaviness of granite products are outdated stereotypes

Granite slabs are malleable during processing. Therefore, they can be used to create products of bizarre shapes and sizes. And even combine natural stone with glass, metal or wood.

Whereas earlier granite was used to create monumental sculptures or massive slabs, modern masons with the help of special equipment are able to create elegant things, characterized by visual lightness and elegance of forms. 

Therefore, even if you prefer “lightweight” interiors, you can easily pick up decorative elements made of granite, which will harmoniously fit into the interior. If you belong to the adherents of ancient Roman or ancient Greek culture and prefer interiors, impressive in its grandeur, the products of granite slabs will be the best solution for the design of the cottage or office.

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