Granite balusters


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The granite staircase looks so monumental that not everyone decides to use such an element for the exterior design and especially the interior of their dwelling. Though, it is not necessary to order the entire staircase, made of this beautiful, strong, durable material. You can do the trick of buying only granite balusters, which are perfectly combined with a variety of consumables. 

There is a stereotype that the stairs in the house or apartment should be made only of natural wood, in extreme cases, contain elements of stainless steel. But modern construction technologies do not stand still. Therefore, it is possible to see designs of glass and stone much more often.

Stone, granite, in particular, has a number of advantages over both natural wood and metal, even if it is stainless steel. Unlike wood, granite balusters are not afraid of temperature regimes and their fluctuations. That is, the stone is equally resistant towards heat, frost, dry air or high humidity. And unlike metal, granite is invulnerable to the effects of aggressive substances and is resistant to such a phenomenon as corrosion.

Granite balusters need only minimal maintenance. It is enough sometimes to wipe away the dust with a piece of a damp cloth.

Mechanical effects are not threatening balusters of granite and they can not be bent, broken, cracked, chipped, etc. If the mechanical effect was so enormous that even granite “trembled”, the products of this stone can be quickly restored. 

Perhaps the staircase, made entirely of granite, will not fit either into your interior or the budget. But consumers with different income levels can afford to buy balusters from this stone. The result will please with its luxury and splendor. 

Granite is perfectly combined with other materials, complements them and harmonizes both in color and texture. Since our quarries produce not only dark gray or sulfur granite, but also greenish, red, with pink, blue, yellow tint, and with pinkish inclusions.

This shade variety gives designers unlimited opportunities to create beautiful combinations of different materials. In addition, the technologies used today in the carving of stone, make it possible to create products of the most unusual shapes and complex configurations. Therefore, you do not have to be confined to rectangular balusters with clear lines. If desired, you can buy exquisite items with fancy smooth shapes.

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