Granite cobblestone paving


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If you paid attention to the modern tendencies of decorating both urban and private domestic territories, you would notice that cobblestone is the latest trend. This is absolutely logic, taking into account a high quality of the material used to manufacture cobblestone.

Currently, perhaps only diamonds are harder than granite. No wonder that various diamond tools are used to manufacture granite products. All the products made of granite are extremely sustainable they are practically indestructible and can endure any weather conditions (snow, rain, wind).

Granite cobblestone paving looks really beautiful. That is why it is often used not only as paving of streets and sidewalks but also in creating landscape compositions near private houses, cottages, etc. Unlike concrete or even asphalt, it can serve for many decades without losing its aesthetic appearance. Even if a granite element should happen to be damaged, it is very easily renewable or replaceable. In addition, it is very simple both to install and to remove (if necessary). 

Minimal difficulty in setting and removing cobblestone 

If the need to repair facilities (communications) in the place with asphalt of concrete paving, the repairs can take a long time because the paving has to be removed (which takes quite a while), after that it has to be renewed, or, in fact, repaved from the scratch. Whereas cobblestone is easily removed and easily set back. Moreover, the cobblestone is not damaged during its dismantlement, which enables it to be used again. When the roads are paved with cobblestone there is a small distance between cobbles, which ensures natural drain and the rainfall does not deteriorate the paving but gets drained into the soil. That is why if you use cobblestone, you both will not have paddles on your paving and the water will not be able to destroy the cobblestone as it gradually ruins asphalt and concrete. 

Diversity of forms and shades of granite stone 

Granite cobblestone is not only sustainable but also very beautiful and it looks luxurious and diverse. Granite has an exceptionally wide variety of shades and colors, that is why granite products can be manufactured in various colors and textures. As a result, not just a magnificent pavement, but also a real masterpiece with ornaments and patterns can be created using different shades of granite. 

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