Granite window sill

Are you faced with the task of choosing the element of window construction which is not only good-looking but also multifunctional…

from 40 $
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Granite cobblestone paving

If you paid attention to the modern tendencies of decorating both urban and private domestic territories, you would notice that cobblestone…

from 27 $/m2
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Granite steps

It is hard to say which landscape design of the cottage or private house is the best because the fashion in…

from 38 $
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Granite blocks

Granite blocks, which can be used to manufacture various products, are used in multiple spheres of life, including landscape design.  Moreover,…

from 190 $/m3
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Granite countertop

Granite countertop is a functional and practical option, able to give your kitchen a special sense of style. Most often, a…

from 460 $
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Granite monument

Probably, it is difficult to choose a more successful material for the manufacture of monuments than granite. After all, the product…

from 380 $
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Granite tiles

Granite tiles, properly selected in color and texture, can fit into any interior solution. It will also fill the interior with…

frpm 30 $/m2
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Granite slabs

Natural stone has always been considered one of the best building materials, as it is characterized by durability, reliability and impressive…

from 61 $
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Granite curb

There are a variety of products used in the design of road surfaces, both in cities and in private homesteads. Previously,…

from 19 $
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Granite balusters

The granite staircase looks so monumental that not everyone decides to use such an element for the exterior design and especially…

from 23 $
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Granite paving tiles

In modern megalopolises, people use a variety of materials for the facing of road surfaces. But there are materials which in…

from 29 $
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