About us

We are a manufacturer and the best seller of granite products.

Our products

It is not a secret that natural stone is an excellent building material. With regard to hardness of natural stones, granite is only inferior to diamonds, garnets, and sapphires. Therefore, it is the best choice as a building material when referring to:

Granite is the best decision for decorating of external buildings and internal rooms, has no equal in quality of material for roads and access roads, terraces, squares. The natural stone is a traditional favourite among materials for production of monuments, fireplaces, table-tops, window sills thanks to the unique properties, a variety of colors and surface textures and the proved strength and durability.

Our employees

Experts with extensive experience and high skills which is constantly improved in the course of work. Attention to details, the extreme scrupulousness and high quality control at all production phases are distinctive feature of a trademark of this product. State-of-the-art equipment coupled with technical knowledge of our employees make it possible for us to produce high-quality goods in the shortest terms. Our work is characterized by effective team work and command spirit aimed at positive interaction and communication and also at professional competence and experience of each team member.

Our equipment 

Our equipment meets up-to-date requirements and helps to produce really high-quality and
reliable products. Almost the entire production line is automated.
The range of the equipment includes: