Marble is the embodiment of luxury, however, surprisingly, it is one of the most affordable natural stones used for decorating and facing of living spaces. Prior to choosing marble facing in your home, let us consider all the advantages and disadvantages of this natural material.


Natural stone – marble can be grey, and white, beige, pink or even green, but in terms of its visual characteristics it is the most easily recognizable natural stone, which, with its smooth lines, beautiful veins, smooth surface, is ideal not only for kitchen tabletops but also for floor finishing, as well as for the bathrooms. In any room, marble will be noticeable due to its natural appearance, giving elegance and luxury to the interior.
Elegant and refined – marble stone is the best suited for decorating not only the living spaces but also the office foyers that usually serve as the corporate identity of the company. At first glance, any marble-lined interior creates a striking effect of luxury, elegance and reliability. Surprisingly, marble, in comparison with other natural stones, is quite an affordable option, which makes it more attractive today for use as construction or facing material.


Softer than other natural stones – marble, compared to other stones, has a soft and porous surface that makes it more susceptible to coloration, surface stripping by products with a high acid content, and staining by any spilled liquids.
Requires certain maintenance and care – marble requires certain care with the use of special means to protect the surface from bacteria and any damage. Moreover, marble kitchen tabletops are not intended for products to be cut on them, and cannot be used as a hot pad. To prevent scratches and other damages, cutting boards and hot pads shall be used. Of course, marble requires certain attention, but subject to the proper care, the magnificence and beauty of its elegant, incomparable appearance will be a delight for the eye for a long time.