Granite monument


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Probably, it is difficult to choose a more successful material for the manufacture of monuments than granite. After all, the product of this raw material is able to survive not only for many years, but also decades, and even centuries, without losing its external presentability. In addition, modern technologies of granite processing have significantly expanded the ability of manufacturers to create products that differ in size, shapes, and shades.

Even the texture of the stone can be different. Therefore, if desired, the surface of the monument of granite can be both matte and glossy (polished), and even look “natural”, that is, resemble a stone just mined in a quarry.

No less important quality of the stone is its unpretentiousness. That is the maintenance of the monument of granite is not difficult. Occasional cleaning dust and dirt is absolutely sufficient. By the way, you can first treat the monument with special detergents with protective functions and be sure that there are no traces of rain or dirt will not stick.

The disadvantages of the stone include its large weight. However, if we take into account the strength of the raw material and its durability, the large weight does not seem to be such a disadvantage. Moreover, this problem can be solved by strengthening any structure.

As for the cost, it is higher than for products made of wood, metal, or other stone materials (except for marble). But again, if you consider that the monument of granite is able to stand much longer than products made of other materials, it becomes obvious that the price is not a minus, but quite a justified solution.

Granite itself is very diverse and you do not need to worry that the monument made of such material can only be dark gray or black. In fact, there are granites of red, green, blue and even pink and orange shades. So the selection is very wide.

Another thing is that it has become a tradition to manufacture monuments using stones of darker shades, which look reserved, solid and restrained. Although, in recent years, granite of red shades is increasingly used for the manufacture of monuments, as well as a combination of stones of different colors and textures has become one of the latest trends.

Since there are many techniques for processing stone, products of different shapes are created. As a result, the monument can acquire any form, plus granite can already be ordered not only in the form of a monument or stele but also as a vase, bust, etc. By the way, the material is easy to carve various inscriptions and images on, so the monument can be decorated with an image of the person to whom it is dedicated to and commemorative inscriptions from the family.

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