Granite blocks


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Granite blocks, which can be used to manufacture various products, are used in multiple spheres of life, including landscape design. 

Moreover, granite is enjoying gained respect of designers not only for its marvelous look and wide variety of shades but also for its operational features, such as reliability, sustainability and relative malleability in processing.

As a matter of fact, granite can be used to manufacture various products, ranging from usual granite tiles and cobblestone to elaborate architectural forms, such as fountains, arches, pillars, elements of furniture and even gazebos. The selection of granite products, which will be used to decorate the territory near the house or office center, depends on stylistic decisions. 

For instance, in order to create a ‘Japanese garden’, which does not possess statues and complex architectural shapes, one can use granite in the form of raw material. And these could be both massive slabs and granite pebble stones that create visual effects. Granite blocks are widely used for these purposes. 

If a landscape designer is faced with the task of creating a replica of the ancient-roman aristocratic garden, he is very likely to select a luxurious granite fountain and benches with seats made of noble stone and pillars, which can perform either exclusively decorative or substantially practical function (for instance, holding the roof or a gazebo). All these products are created from blocks, which undergo multiple processing stages before becoming a real masterpiece. 

Main sphere of usage of granite blocks

Granite blocks are most widely used in construction. Due to the fact that this material is very durable, it has a respectable, expensive and stylish look even if it possesses simple forms and straight lines. The main thing is to choose the correct shade of the stone and hone it in a way that highlights the color depth and the beauty of the texture. Luckily, there are several methods of carving, each of them allows us to achieve desirable visual effects.  

Landscape design is becoming more and more popular and owners of private mansions and cottages are willing to cooperate with professional landscape designers, who are able not only to design a mini-park or garden but to create a harmonious ensemble, where the dwelling is integrated into the environment and becomes one whole with the surrounding territory. In order to produce such unique combinations, the professionals use various materials, although the natural stone is the most popular (due to multiple reasons).

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